Friday, August 28, 2009

Hi! I know it has been awhile since I've posted, but here I am today. Yesterday was most interesting.
Jen called and asked me to be with her. She had a migraine and wanted company. I woke terribly dizzy. I thought it was either my verigo or my sinus, so I took the appropriate medication. The dizziness didn't go away. Jen had to go to Benwood Clinic to pick up samples of her migraine meds, so while we were there, I asked for my blood pressure to be taken, 2 hours later I was allowed to go home instead of the hospital. My pressure was up and my balance was gone. I was so frightened, but Jen and my cousin, John, kept trying to keep the stress at a minimum.
Thankfully I responded to the medication and was allowed to come home. I took a nap and got ready to go to knitting with Katie. It was tough, I was so tired but managed to get through the evening and slept all night. This morning, I feel fine, just worn out. I plan on sleeping some more and then will go to the yarn shoppe for another evening of knitting and fellowship.
Keep me in your prayers. Beth

Saturday, June 20, 2009

West Virginia Day

I called my daughter this morning to see if we were going to go to all the free things that were going on in Moundsville for West Virginia - we're 146 years old today. She wasn't able, so I asked if I could have the kids. Sure. So I went after them and picked up my Mom and Dad and off we went.

To the Cockayne House in Glen Dale. There was a live archeological dig going on, the boys were fascinated. Little Pirate thought it was so great he slipped past the tape and sat beside the young man that was digging. He received a rock for his interest. And he got one for his older brother too. We took a tour of the house and walked the property.

Then we went to the mound, walked through the museum, met their cousin, Katie, and climbed to the top of the mound. I walked to the top of the mound without any pain in my knee at all! Dad got to the top also, his pace maker worked. Mom almost made it, she sat down about 25 feet from the top. Little Pirate fell on the steps and has a scrape and a bruise.

From there we went to eat - had to refuel - and met my oldest son and the rest of his family, and a family friend too.

Then we went to the Marx Toy Museum and the boys had a great time looking at all the old toys. I even saw some that I played with.

The Fostoria Glass Museum was wonderful for the adults, the kids were patient, then came the biggest treat of all. We went to the old prison for a tour. It lasted almost 2 hours. We were exhausted, but enjoyed the day.

So many pictures were taken and will be shared. What a glorious memory that was made today.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bible School

This has been a very strange week. Martha was supposed to be in charge of crafts this week, but she had surgery instead. So, I am doing crafts. I am so blessed that Jenny and Nancy were there. There's another story about Nancy, that will be later. There were also 2 teenagers that decided that it would be fun to help out - and they have been there every night! Each night the number of children increase and the noise level intensifies. last night there were 19.

Wednesday started out in such an interesting way. Jen called and told me that we had to go to Wal Mart now! Martha needed her hair washed and cut, and we couldn't make her bend over the sink because of the incision, and so we went to Wal Mart and were there when the beauty shop opened. I had a meeting to attend in Cameron at 10:30 and so I had to leave no later than 10:00. None of us liked the clothes that I was wearing, I've been losing weight and they were too big! So Jen dressed me while Marthat was being taken care of. I was a few minutes late to the meeting, but that was ok. Made it back home in time to take a little nap and off to Bible School we went.

We closed things down in a hurry when we discovered the lightning all around the community hilltops. Jen has an incredible picture of the lightning on her blog. The storm really did damage out Jim's Run in McMechen. There is a family sleeping in the church because their house if full of trees, rocks and mud. There are some streets in Moundsville that are still muddy from the running water. Martha and Joe finally got the electric back into their house by 7:30 last night.

I didn't have a ride home because Jen had a migraine and Richard brought me home from McMechen. Just before we left I got a call from Mom that there was a major problem at home.

Sam, Dad's dog, has had a bump on the lower lid of his eye for over 10 years, he scratched it. It was bleeding like crazy and they couldn't get it to stop. So home I go. Richard helped us put Sam into the back of the Taho, and off we go to the clinic in South Wheeling. The bleeding had stopped pretty much, since I was calm and Sam laid his head in my lap, I was able to put a compress on it. The vet put some drops in Sam's eye and an ointment on the spot to keep it from getting infected. he said for us to contact our regular vet and if she won't remove it, to come back to him (at the emergency clinic) and he would take care of it for us. Sam was so happy to get back into that Taho and be on his way home.

Life is so interesting here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Martha and such

Martha is feeling better today, she may come home tomorrow.

What a weekend we had. Martha and her surgery, JT's graduation party, and Greg and his family coming to visit. What a glorious time.

Today was the first day of Vacation Bible School. It was fun. I hope tomorrow goes as easily.

Thank you, Kim, for your message of concern. We miss you too.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


My sister, Martha, had her appendix out last night. It was emergency surgery. What a surprise! I told her that I knew she was going to do something like this. She is the craft director for Bible School, and that starts on Monday. Guess who is going to do the crafts? ME!

While all this was going on, my youngest son and his family were on their way to visit with us and attend the graduation party for my daughters second oldest son.

They arrived this afternoon and we have had a great time. I am exhausted and need to sleep now. They are going back home tomorrow because Monday is still school for the oldest boy. They are still in school in New York until the end of the month.

Thank you God for all the blessings you have given me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sunday was my birthday. After church my sister, Martha and her DH, came to meet me. We went to the Highlands and had lunch at Olive Garden, it was wonderful. Spoke with my daughter, who had wanted to come to church with me, but forgot the change in time of worship. Sorry that I missed her, but it was so nice to talk with her. After lunch, we went to Michael's. It took us 2 hours to get through the store! She has such a patient husband.

It is so nice to be home.

My youngest is supposed to be coming to visit for the weekend. I haven't heard anything lately, but we are still hopeful.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The day after......

It's amazing what a night's sleep will do.

Today I am at peace with what happened yesterday. It's hard to let go of something as precious as a pet that has been with you during hard times, loves you without strings attached, and is excited to see you all the time.

Last night my daughter's son graduated from high school. It was alot of fun to be there - watching all these children try to act like adults. They did that for the most part -until the beach balls cames out and starting bouncing all over the group of students. I loved it. I even laughed at the teacher who tried to intercept the beach balls. She didn't have a sense of humor last night.

We went to McDonalds for some food. It had been a long evening. The other two children were 3 hours past their bedtime. School will be difficult today.

Today is more doctors.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sugar died today.

I'm remembering the day she was born in my closet. The last of 6 puppies. We had so much excitement that day and for the days that followed.

When my husband entered the ministry, we weren't sure what was going to happen to her and her brother. John gave her to me for my birthday just before we moved to his first charge in the church. Dad took the boy dog and named him Sam.

What a great time we had with her. She was so funny. She liked to sing "Happy Birthday" with us. She liked to run through the house like a mad animal. She always looked happy.

Then John died.

She was so angry with me the night I took him to the hospital. She wouldn't let the doctor and guys from the squad into the house and I put her in our room. She peed on my side of the bed! She would stand and look out the dining room window at the garage door and cry, waiting for him to open the door.

When the family was packing my house for me to come back home, my granddaughter was only 17 months old. She sat on the front porch and fed Sugar cheese. She would take a bite - and the dog would take a bite. It was a beautiful picture - such devotion on Sugar's face - knowing that she was going to have another piece of cheese. She loved cheese. She gave it all back to me about 20 minutes into the trip over the mountains on the way to Elkins. My car smelled so bad!

Today we went to the vet. She was blind, couldn't hear, wasn't eating, wasn't walking well - we think she had a stroke because her right back leg wasn't supporting her.

Sugar died today.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More family life................

I've been home for a week now. Sleep has been my friend. I didn't realize how tired I was, but it was a wonderful visit with my son and his family. And it is so nice to back near my daughter and her family, and my other son and his family.

Graduations are beginning, so I went to the store yesterday to get cards and my sister Martha went with me. There were some pictures that I needed to develop off my camera and some groceries to be bought. Cards were purchased for my cousin's boy, my daughter's son, and my oldest son's 13th anniversary. I looked around for a gift the whole family would enjoy and decided on a box of glazed donuts! You must understand that I enjoy keeping my children thinking that I am one step away from the crazy side of life! They loved the gift! There was so much laughter as the donuts were being shared.

This morning my son from New York called and filled me in on their travel plans for when they come to visit in June. My daughter's son is graduating from high school and his party is being planned for the 13th, and the family will be there. They plan on camping in the yard! What fun. I am remembering all the camping trips that we took as a family.

I am so blessed - and as I write this, there are tears. I will have to put down my Sugar Bear. She is 15 - a great life for a dog. But she is blind, doesn't hear well, isn't eating well, and her hips aren't supporting her. It's a terrible decision to make. It is just one more thing, other than my children, that still connects me to my husband, that will be gone. She is like one of my kids. But - I am so blessed and thank God for all the gifts and joys of my life.

I must go, there are doctor appointments today for my parents.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm home. My son, Greg, and their 10 year old brought me home last night. I have had a wonderful time being with my son and his family. And they were so easy to be with. It was an unannounced visit - 6 weeks - and we had a wonderful time. Thank you Dana for letting me get to know you and your children.

So, I am tired and I need to go lay down. Talk to you all later.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today is my daughter's birthday. I have been thinking about the events that happened just before her arrival. Mother's Day was on the 14th that year and the men of our church fixed a breakfast for all the women of the church. My doctor was a member of the church and kept filling my coffee cup. When I asked him why, he said that he knew I would need it before the day was through. Jenny arrived the following morning, all 9 pounds 4 ounces of her!

I am visiting my son in New York and so at 7 in the morning we were all singing to her on the phone. I just looked at her blog and was drooling also. Her honey has given her a weedeater! She loves power tools and so do I!

Happy Birthday Honey and I 'll see you tomorrow! Love you, Mom

Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend we had. Sunday was Dennis' tenth birthday along with it being Mother's Day. Dana's mom arrived on Saturday while we were shopping and it was great to see her when we arrived.

Sunday started out with a breakfast of fruitsalad and pastries. then the rest of the day was a combination of mothers day and birthday. We had fondue for supper, it was a first for me, and then we had rootbeer float cupcakes! so rich! then presents.

Dana is sick today, she has had a fever and sore throat, so I got some potato chips for her, that's an old family secret for sore throats. She is asleep right now and her mother is folding the laundry.

I am making plans to come home on the 15th or 16th. This has been such a glorious time, but its time for me to come home.

I write more later.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Domino love

Hi Everybody! Dana has showed me how to do this blog. I am so excited. Now I can share my pictures that I have taken since I got here after Greg broke his leg. I have some great pictures of their property and all the flowers that they have planted.
Dennis has been playing with dominoes and made this for his Aunt Jenny - minus the J. He has been having a great time with my camera.
There are so many things to take pictures of in this part of the country. I have seen the wind farm in Eagle, NY. Didn't know that there were any facilities like this in this part of the country, thought they were all out west.
This has been fun, in spite of the reason for the visit. I have gotten to know the boys and am not the grandmother that lives far away and is only seen once a year.

Here are the latest pictures of the knee that my son has abused.

These pictures are so cool. The doctor explained that there was such damage, so many little pieces from the bone, that they had to put in 11 screws! This is so much cooler than my knee replacement!

Talk to you later.